Actor Shahid Kapoor is very particular about the music he listens to carries his playlist with him wherever he goes.“Shahid’s music is something which he carries with him all the time. His extensive playlist has song collections of varied genres. In fact, Shahid has updated his playlist which also has his last film Udta Punjab’s tracks among the rest” says the actor’s spokesperson.Music acts as a stress buster for Shahid, who is hooked to his headphones during work breaks. “Be it at an ad shoot, magazine shoot or film shoot, Shahid plays his music wherever he goes. During breaks, he likes to zone out and listen to music. This helps him rejuvenate himself and prepare for the next shot,” says a source, close to the actor.In fact, Shahid is a self-proclaimed DJ and plugs in his favourite music whenever he is out with friends, adds our source.Meanwhile, the actor is on a break now and is taking care of his wife Mira, who will become a mother soon.