Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, while presiding over a meeting on education department at New Secretariat this Tuesday, expressed his plans to rectify the issue of ghost teachers. The chief minister intended to do so by imposing stricter regulations upon teachers in government schools and improving the mode of instruction via regular teacher trainings.

Shah acknowledged that the issue of ghost teachers was no news to the education department and that it was time to take strict action against those determined to keep such teachers on the pay role.

Moreover, he confessed that while certain schools were running short of instructors, others had more instructors than required. Government schools had to be adjusted so that some schools there are more teachers than requirement in some other there is shortage.

Secretary Education Fazal Pechuho declared that the launch of the bio-metric system will reveal the identities of all ghost employees to be filtered out. In place of the staff members that would be let off the department would hire school-specific teachers.

The CM expressed his concerns for the dire need to increase literacy amongst teachers and how the trainings would help fulfill that need. He further stressed on the importance of the instructors to possess superior communication skills as well as abstain from corporal punishment as it results in the demotivation of the student.

In conclusion, he recognized that it was high time Pakistan caught up with modern times and abandoned outmoded methods of instruction.