City doctors successfully operated on a three-year-old girl with a rare condition of a missing jaw and an extra ear.
Albaraa Rashid from Oman was brought to India with a rare deformity – she was born with the right side of her jaw missing. The extra ear made treatment more complex. Her condition was something doctors at Fortis hospital in Mulund had never seen before.
“It’s a very rare case, incidence of which is reported in one in 10 lakh people. This case was so unusual. She had the ramus and the condyle of her jaw missing – these parts help in chewing, facial growth and give shape to the face,” said Dr Vivek Soni, maxillofacial surgeon, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, who treated the child.
For most of her life, Albaara has been on a liquid diet as she could never chew any solid food. About a year ago, her parents realised the abnormality of her jaw.
“We were very confused about her condition and showed her to a doctor,” said her father, Salim Rashid Al Sadi.
Doctors in Oman said the child required a reconstructive surgery, so Albaara was brought to India.
Through an X-ray and a 3D CT-scan, doctors found that the condition of her deformity was very severe.
It took doctors four hours to perform the corrective surgery, in which a titanium plate was inserted in her jaw and the additional ear removed.
“The titanium plate is rigid which will mimic the normal jaw. She might need another surgery after she is 18,” said Dr Soni.