Like most newcomers, Krishna Mukherjee, too, wanted to get noticed for her work and talent. But her Instagram posts earned her attention for a different reason altogether. Krishna’s uncanny resemblance to TV actor Mouni Roy (right) resulted in many comparing her to the latter. While the newbie doesn’t mind these remarks, she doesn’t like being called “Mouni’s lookalike”.
“Mouni is talented and beautiful, so sometimes the comparison feels good. But I feel bad when people call me her lookalike. I don’t want to be called that. I’m okay when people say that we look similar, but not when they call me her lookalike,” says Krishna.

The actor says even producer Ekta Kapoor noticed the similarity between her and Mouni after she watched one of Krishna’s auditions. “I was told about this later. Even on the sets of my show, people tell me about this,” she says.

However, Krishna says she wants to be noticed more for her work than for her looks. “As a newcomer, I want to make my own identity. I am part of a successful show, and I am being noticed for my performance. I am flattered to be compared to Mouni, but I don’t want only this kind of attention. In fact, I feel that I look like her in photos and videos, but in reality, we don’t look that similar,” she says.