Let’s face it, almost everyone finds faults in customer service when it comes to their smartphones, be it iOS or Android. But it seems that Motorola has more than its fair share of customer complaints over warranty support. A customer has now taken things in his own hands and filed a $5 million class action lawsuit in the US that aims to settle not just his own problems, but those coming from others as well.

Out here in India things are far worse but luckily, being in the US however has its perks. Trusted Reviews reports Georgia resident Douglas Lynch claims that Motorola took several months to replace his first gen Moto 360 smartwatch. And when the company finally did contact him regarding the replacement, they provided him with a lower-priced model. The issue was regarding the cracked backplate, which is a common complaint with the first Moto 360 smartwatch models. The same was fixed with the next generation Moto 360 (2015).

A quick look at the Motorola pages from numerous e-commerce websites, shows plenty of complaints, with most of them pointing to design defects like the 2014 Moto X’s famous breaking display that was as expensive as the smartphone itself and was reported to shatter with just 3 foot drops. Indeed, Lenovo needs to take its warranty support seriously.