The Motorola Moto X 2016 – also called the Moto X4 — launch is around a month away. But details about the new flagship Moto phones have started coming in. A report by Evan Blass, who has been often accurate about the upcoming phones, notes that Motorola is preparing two variants of the Moto X 2016. The phones have reportedly been codenamed Vector and Vertex.

The two phones have several similarities but also fairly significant differences. The Vertex is reportedly the higher-end version with a very thin design and more powerful hardware.

The two phones also have strange 16 holes with metal pins on their back cover. These pins will actually be used to connect modules that Motorola, which is now owned by Lenovo, will launch along with the phone. The VentureBeat report says that on the launch day Motorola will reveal six modules. These will enhance the phone’s audio, battery or camera performance.

Motorola is not the first company to do a modular phone. Recently at MWC in Barcelona, LG had launched the G5 that has a similar mechanism to connect modules to transform the phone into a more specialised device. However, unlike LG’s solution that requires taking out a chunk of the phone from its bottom, the Motorola’s solution will use modular back-plates that will connect to the Moto X 2016 using the pins on its back cover. For now, we don’t have specific details of the launch date or price although Lenovo is teasing that it will reveal something on June 9.

In a statement Lenovo has said that it will unveil new products, including a Project Tango phone, at its Tech World Conference on June 9 in San Francisco.

“Tech World 2016 will also host major product announcements. we’ll launch the world’s first consumer Project Tango-enabled smartphone in partnership with Google,” said a Lenovo spokesperson.

“Project Tango brings augmented reality to your smartphone, including gaming, navigation, and other utilities. This device gives you a totally new way to experience the world – enabling you to do things never imagined, from indoor mapping your way around a museum to creating a 3D gaming environment to visualizing how a new refrigerator fits into your kitchen.”

More significantly, the company adds that it will showcase new stuff from Motorola. “Lenovo will also announce new mobile technology designed by Motorola that will dramatically change the way people think about and use their most personal devices – in a snap,” said the spokesperson.

Although Lenovo is trying to be a little vague here, it does hint at the modular design of the Moto X phones with its use of words “snap” and “dramatically change”.

The price of the Vector is, obviously, going to be higher than the Vertex. But for now we are not sure what could be the price range for these two devices. Since 2013, when Motorola first launched the Moto G, a phone with pure Android, the company has kept the prices aggressive and very competitive. But this year Lenovo, which bought Motorola earlier, is merging the Moto division with its main phone division and repositioning the Moto phones as its more premium device. It is possible that this year the new Moto X phones may debut at a higher prices compared to the Moto X version launched in the past.

The new Moto X devices are not the only phones Motorola is launching in the coming weeks. The company will also launch the Moto G4 on May 17. In a break from the past, for the Moto G series too Motorola is seemingly preparing something new. It is expected that on May 17, it will launch two variants of the Moto G4, one with a regular 5-inch screen and the other with a bigger 5.5-inch screen. The bigger phone is likely to be called the Moto G4 Plus.