Motorola has been tweeting out teasers for Moto G4. These are a series of problematic situations young people experience with their phones, but the features in the yet to be launched phone that solve these problems are not explicitly mentioned. The specifications and features are left to the user’s imagination. The tweets seem to indicate improvements in the camera, autofocus, battery and security.

The G4 promises a perfect groupfie. This may mean a wide angle front camera with dual tone flash. A rapid autofocus is expected to reduce blur. There are two tweets on the autofocus in different situations, one is a groupfie, and one is a birthday picture. This seems to indicate feature that takes focus bracketed shots, which is a series of photos with different points of focus, and the camera app allows users to selectively adjust the focus after shooting. The phone is expected to have faster battery charging, so that users do not have to stop whatever they are doing just to charge your phone. An increased battery capacity, with a longer standby time is expected.

One big claim is that the phone will not hang. The same tweet has a mention of faster loading speeds in apps. Guess this just means a ton of RAM or great specifications. The phones are Dad proof in the sense, your browser history will be protected from snoopers. Security is a big feature for Moto G4.