These Mosques Are A Work Of Art!


Floating Mosque, Melaka

Floating Mosque, Melaka
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It’s that time of the year, where everywhere in the world Muslims are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan. Not just the Muslims are fond of this month but almost every religion looks forward to this month because of the exciting and joyful celebrations that comes with the month too. The place where this starts & ends is a mosque.
A mosque is not only a place for praying 5 times a day but also a place to appreciate the unknown. There is no idol or picture of allah but still the feeling of a godly figure is often felt in mosques. There are so many mosques around the world, and even thought there are some key elements that each mosque has, a lot of changes in the look of the mosques have been noticed because of the influence from different cultures & rituals joining in together. Even though some mosques look so different, a mosques is recognizable almost everyone no matter where it belongs to. We have a list of beautiful mosques around the world which are breathtakingly beautiful to exist.
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