Women in Saudi Arabia, many restrictions are placed. But the Princess of this country around the world has shown the women like, how are restrictions, they can move forward. These days, social media is viral photos of the Princess. Do not wear hijab and burqa …
Amirah Al Tavil his country’s first woman in 33 years to have a long, loose-fitting clothes instead started wearing European clothes. He wore the burqa and hijab refused to get out. However, these traditional touch is clearly visible even in modern clothing.
In many countries around the world have
Amirah inspiration for all those who want to move forward amid troubles. He not only in Saudi Arabia but also around the world have tried to remove Social Problems. In over 70 countries, has yet Amirah.
Was a part of several charity organization
Amirah disaster strikes anywhere in the world in some way to help people arriving. He built a home for those on the way to Africa. To help people in flood in Pakistan. Always there to help the people of Somalia are Amirah.
And inspiration for women
However, there are considerable restrictions on women in Saudi Arabia, but your life your way Amirah not only won, but is always ready to help others. Amirah drives that are fighting for the rights of other women.