Remember, a happy relationship is not all about flowers and cosy dinners. To have a satisfying and lasting bond which makes both people feel happy, the partnership needs clarity in communication, respect for each other, and last but not the least, good habits. Remember how in the initial stages of dating we put up the best of behaviour to impress that special someone?

Not continuing with that is not only unfair, but also misleading. It is best to continue in the same manner after making a serious commitment, since bad habits could lead to unwanted mistakes which in turn can make a great relationship take a spin for the worse. Here are a few useful tips to keep it real in your relationship…

Constantly talking about your ex
Once you are in a committed relationship you may be expected to be upfront with your partner about your previous affairs. However, it should not get down to constantly mentioning him/her in your conversations. Furthermore, comparing your current partner with your ex could result in major cracks in the relationship.

Not giving each other enough space
When you are in love, you may want to do everything together. That might be fine early on in the relationship but as you go along in life, too much of togetherness may damage the relationship instead of helping it. A little bit of me time for both will help you to enhance the relationship and at the same time value the time you get to spend with each other.

Holding on to grudges and not talking it out
All couples argue and have disagreements. They’re not the worry here, as they may even be healthy at times. So, while fighting over minor issues is alright, there are times when things are wrong but you try to keep quiet despite knowing the problem. Holding on to grudges might not only hurt a relationship, it will also cause unwanted stress and anxiety for both. Talking about issues at the right time is needed to reduce stress in a relationship. If you keep things unsaid and bottle-up your feelings, things may blow out of proportion, and then it might be too late to salvage a relationship. Also try not to keep in mind small detail of arguments you had, as it will directly relate to unnecessary tension. Practice the adage – forgive and forget and move on in life.

Bad timing
However, if you decide to talk it out, take care to decide on a good time and place to have conversations about important issues. Arguing in public is a strict no-no. Also, bringing up serious topics at the end of a long day is equally bad. So is talking it out at a party hosted by you even if it is at home. Pick up a time when you both are relaxed and a place which ensures total privacy.