It was about 8.30pm on March 31 and Naz had fled her Atlanta, Georgia home “in distress”, muttering something about “going for a jog”. Earlier that day, he was seen by friends acting “erratically” although nobody has been able to elaborate on what might have caused such behaviour.

Ms Addams said she last saw the 20-year-old running into nearby Morningside Nature Reserve that night but decided to let him cool off rather than go after him.

“I should have run after him,” she later wrote on Facebook.

When he hadn’t returned by the next morning, she reported him missing, fearing he was lying injured along the trail somewhere.

Last night police in Atlanta confirmed that remains found in the reserve on April 16 belonged to Mr Rahimi. The tragic news came after his father and brother flew to Atlanta on April 10 to help search for him.

Ms Addams and another friend, Timothy Chima Obialo, had campaigned relentlessly for help in finding Mr Ramini and had expressed concern that local police waited several days before investigating his disappearance.
Mr Rahimi’s jumper, mobile phone and iPad were later seen beside a creek, although by the time police tried to retrieve them they had disappeared.

“Finally got the APD (Atlanta Police Department) to come out after calling today and waiting around Morningside Trail,” Ms Addams said in an April 6 Facebook post.
“Thank you Timothy Chima Obialo for coming out and helping me talk to the police.”

“So I found Naz’s wallet while cleaning up his space and belongings still here in my home,” Ms Addams wrote shortly after Naz disappeared.

“He literally left everything behind. I’m not satisfied waiting around and just praying. I’m convinced he’s hurt and I wish police/people would take this amount of time into serious consideration and start searching the river bank running through Morningside Trail. I’m pulling my hair out from so much frustration and worry.

“Please come home Naz.”

“Hey Naz, Where are you?” Ms Addams wrote in another Facebook post. “Your dad and your brother just landed in ATL. We all care about you. We won’t stop looking for you. Please come back.

“We all care about you. We won’t stop looking for you. Please come back,” mutual friend Timothy Chima Obialo wrote.

Ms Addams said she had seen his grey hoodie, diary and iPad lying next to the riverbank inside the reserve at around 2pm on April 1 but had left them in situ while she went to report the find.

“I didn’t disturb the stuff but in hindsight shoulda taken it with me or taken a pic,” she wrote. “I had to go to the nearest house address I saw so I had to walk away.”

However, by the time police arrived to retrieve the items, they had disappeared. Police said his family had been notified about the identification of his body.

At this stage police do not believe the circumstances surrounding his death to be suspicious but have yet to establish how he died.

Mr Rahimi was believed to have been due to return to Perth on April 11.

Consular officials have been assisting his family while they have been in the US, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).