When most people think of a tree house, they picture a tiny wooden shack, thrown together for under $100 atop a few branches of a sturdy oak in a family’s
When supermodel Miranda Kerr, 33, thinks of a tree house, though, she seems to picture her own $2.15 million four bedroom, 3.5 bath Malibu, California
While the Australian stunner’s description of the pricey property might be a bit unusual, though, there’s no denying that new photographs from her home —
which appear in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar — depict a ‘tree house’ most grown adults would be happy to move into permanently.
The impeccably-styled home, which was built in 1960, has been the star’s main US residence since 2014 — around the time she split from ex-husband
Orlando Bloom. They thought Malibu would offer a ‘better lifestyle’ for their son Flynn, five, than where they’d been living in New York City, because he could
run around outside year-round.
‘I knew that this house was it at first sight. It needed a lot of work, but it had a great view. It wasn’t right on the water, so it was protected from the wind and
very private,’ she said.
‘I could just see the potential. It felt so right. In some ways it feels like a tree house. That was another thing that I loved. It’s all open, and the view of the
ocean makes it feel more spacious.’
Since then, she’s added blocks of pink quartz to the yard, whimsical floats to the pool, and photos and artwork — including a no-doubt pricey piece by
Damien Hirst — to the walls.
There’s a garden (where she grows her own kale and berries), an infrared sauna, a guesthouse-turned-meditation room, a gym with Pilates equipment, and
a waterfall with a koi pond at the bottom.
She has pillows made from Hermès scarves, a clear acrylic baby grand piano, and, in her words, ‘a great kitchen’, where she can make her favorite meal of
slow-roasted organic chicken and salad.
‘When I was a child, I spent a lot of time at my grandma’s house,’ she said. ‘People were coming in and out. She was always in the kitchen making
something. There was always food and snacks. She would play the piano, and we would sing and dance. So those were my two priorities. I wanted to have
a piano and a great kitchen, which is always the heart of the home.’