Microsoft is reportedly planning to kill its fitness wearable range by the name Microsoft Band. Microsoft Band 2 could become the last device to come from software major in the wearable space.
Microsoft is reportedly preparing to host a hardware event for next month. Earlier rumours hinted at the launch of Microsoft Band 3 at that event but now it seems, the product may never see light of the day. Microsoft Band is a wearable device that puts fitness and Cortana at the heart of activity tracking.
According to ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft plans to stop making its own fitness band and rather innovate in the Health platform. Microsoft’s change of heart could mean that there won’t be a Band 3 this year or any time sooner.

ZDNet further reports that Microsoft dissolved the team working to bring Windows 10 to its wearable platform. The first and second generation Microsoft Band ran a custom firmware with a tiled interface and Microsoft aimed to bring a version of Windows 10 to the platform under its UWP umbrella.
As far as Microsoft Band is concerned, the Redmond-based software major gained mixed response among consumers. The device was also criticised for quality issues while some users reported of skins splitting with the fitness wearable.
Microsoft Band 2, however, packed a plethora of sensors including barometer and onboard GPS making it an ideal wearable for runners. It also offered heart rate monitoring, tracking for activities like running, golfing, biking, eycling etc.
Under CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft is sticking to its software cores and using hardware only as a supplementary option. Microsoft is no more trying to compete with Apple and rather bringing its services to competing platforms and reap benefit from software.