Microsoft wishes to tap in to business opportunities that the proposed payments banks will bring in, say reports. The company is currently talking to some of these banks and hopes to seal the deal on some of them with intention to offer back-end support, adds the report by Business Standard.

Speaking to the news site, Bhaskar Pramanik – Chairman, Microsoft India added, ““Microsoft has 46 per cent market share as far as software-as-a-service is concerned. Overall cloud share, which includes infrastructure platform and software, the company has about 30 per cent of the market share. Our ambition is to get around 40 odd per cent by the next fiscal.”

Microsoft has been heavily promoting cloud in all aspects. Be it partnering with state governments to promote SMBs or unveil new products with ‘cloud-first’ approach. As it was revealed in its quarterly earnings last month, Microsoft has seen strong long-term growth in parts of its cloud business, a combination of services and software catering to corporations moving computing functions to remote data centers run by outside providers.

While revenue for its flagship cloud services business Azure more than doubled last quarter, the company said in its earning report, the “intelligent cloud” division that includes it saw just 3 percent revenue growth in the period. And operating profits for the division dropped by 14 percent, in part reflecting non-cloud products included under its umbrella, such as traditional server software.

Microsoft’s best-known play in the cloud is Azure, a set of services for computing and storage as well as tools for software developers. Azure is gaining ground on Amazon’s AWS unit, the industry heavyweight in cloud computing services. Azure commands about 10 percent of the $23 billion market, estimates Synergy Research, compared with AWS’ 31 percent.