Microsoft is grappling with a growing concern: that the company’s has failed to deliver its best in the mobile industry—and its CEO, Satya Nadella is pushing for a more aggressive shift it aims to witness in the coming future.

According to a report by Softpedia, in a comment after the acquisition of LinkedIn, he explained even though the previous strategy failed, Microsoft is still focused on the mobile efforts. He had ‘admitted’ that the company Window’s Phone has failed, at least the consumer side of it.

He said, ‘It is no question that we really missed the mobile one, therefore we understand it, we have a particular position in mobile today which is more about enterprise and where we can have more security, more management, more productivity, we will focus on that, but we are on to the next big thing.’

Additionally, Nadella also commented on future of the Windows, the flagship product from the Redmond-based technology giant, reiterating that the platform is not just an operating system now, but a service—where the company needs to focus in the coming years.

He said, ‘We are not building an operating system for just a single device, when I think about even Windows 10, the way we conceptualized it is, we are building an operating system for the user across all the devices. It is a service that is how I think of it. Windows update is probably the biggest service we have because it touches 1.5 billion machines every day, and our goal is to really change what is the definition of an operating system, and operating systems for personal computing are always about inventing the next big change in input/output.’

So far, the company’s Microsoft 10 strategy seems to be working well, with more than 330 million devices now running on the operating system.

However, learning lesson is a necessary part of growing. For Microsoft, it may appear they’ve learned their lessons with their new lineup of devices, including the Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Book 2.