A group of girls in the Beijing subway condom sticking his face and sat comfortably. This action surprised most people were watching them. People did not know exactly what is happening. Some of these girls on the face, hand and chest were affixed to condoms. Why do the …
Indeed, it was a publicity campaign, which was a Chinese condom company organizes. The campaign models in their faces, chests and paste the condom was on hand. The aim of this campaign was to inform the company that the lubricant in the condom use, it is also better for the skin.
Displeasure shown by users on social networking sites
Girls looking at the antics of many passengers who click their photos and uploaded to social networking site VIBO. These photos became viral on sight seeing. Most users of this campaign condom company have expressed their displeasure. Some people in the comments some people have termed it a cruel joke and said it hoped the condom campaign foolishly company will not forward such an absurd publicity.