It is true that by looking at her baby lentils and vegetables to make many excuses not to eat, but they hear of junk food is mouth water. How much junk food on children’s physical and mental development impacts, to tell the CT Group of Institutions Hotel Management from the effects of junk food and the impact of illness on Thursday to brief Sanjay karate school the seminars were conducted.

Institute of Hotel Management, Director of Health Dr issue whistle. Rohit Sarin seminar led by children not to eat healthy meals and junk Fud advised. He is far better from a nutritional food to the hospital.

The age of children in the development of tissues and muscles in their body do happen, as well as lay the foundation of a healthy body also increases the activity of hormones. So children balanced meals and nutritional needs. Them instead of junk food intake of calcium and vitamin-rich food should be consumed.

Students have their questions answered. Students to manage their health, calcium and vitamin-rich food intake promised. CT Group of Institutions Managing Director Mr Manbir Singh said that students appreciate the effort of the message is very important to stay healthy. Students are the future of our country, if it will fit the wealth of our country will become self.