We have to appreciate the amount of effort that the research team of (bhaskar.com) must have put in to dig out the most beautiful IAS and IPS officers. What did that exercise involve? We wonder. Joseph pointed out howpublications have never gone to such great lengths to hunt out the top 10 handsome male IAS and IPS officers. She wrote, “Have you ever wondered why we never see a list of the most handsome males in the IAS and IPS?” That really would have been a mammoth task since there are three women IAS officers to every 20 male IAS
officers.The bold IPS officer also pointed out that there is a lot that is wrong with Indian media, especially, the “vernacular” press and wrote that a “shameless objectification of women” propagates patriarchal structures and reduces “a lady’s worth to her face value.Putting the brave female officers of the country
on the same pedestal as her male counter parts, she mentioned, “These are bold and brave officers working in the complex bureaucratic system in India, negotiating their way through the good, bad and ugly of our body politic — and here we have a list of officers whom people can ogle at. It’s seriously disgusting, constricting and very very demeaning to our identities as smart, intelligent self made women.”A file photo of IPS officer Merin Joseph. Photo credit : Facebook, Merin JosephA file photo of IPS officer Merin Joseph Photo credit Facebook Merin Joseph Social media came out in support of Joseph, the post gained traction. Some comments on her post read, “Really shameful…but this is what Indian media is all about…they forget that whoever has reached that position has done so on their individual merit and if IAS IPS were interested in exposing themselves they
would have selected modelling and not this reputed profession..woman’s beauty is her intellect not face
valueOne of the commentators was quick to point out that he knew of her only through such articles,
“Madam, i didn’t want to tell u this but i came to know about u from similar kind of article…Your pics had
been viral on social networks One must appreciate his honesty. The website soon took the piece down,
and we are gladBut this is not the first incident of objectification of women (in power) that has taken
place this week. Many media websites took to introducing Assam’s latest female MLA Angoorlata
Deka with sensational headlines like Meet the BJP MLA Who Is Famous For Her Beauty or BJP Ki is
Mahila Vidhyaka Ke Khoobsurti Ke Charche or A new
beauty sensation in politics. Some even cited appointing her as Modi’s greatest achievement —
not because she was excellent at what she did, but because she was excellent at being beautiful.
The ever helpful twitterati couldn’t help ogling at her. hhotos comparing Angoorlata’s look in her films and
during her modelling day were positioned next to those of her as a BJP MLA, presumably to drive
home the point about her beauty. Director Ram Gopal Varma, known for his action-packed thrillers
like Ice-cream, also confessed his fascination for the MLA by pointing out If MLA can look like this, Achche
din aagaye hai..Thank you Angoorlataji,Thank you Modiji..1st time I love politics.” Varma should
probably get a room, or at least a pair of socks.