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London: Have you seen a woman whose face like a man’s thick beard is grown? London probably did not have to tell 33-year-old resident of Little Bear, aka Rene Siwaj one such woman. It was always quite nervous because of his beard. Shaving, waxing and laser treatments had no effect on them. Rene’s face was also afraid to show …
Little Bear first publicly showing his bearded face were afraid, but now he has made the fashion trend. Now, he is a new look every day with fashion photos are posted on Instagram. At age 14, he was suffering from polycystic disease Ovrij, after which it started getting their facial hair. Little Bear at his beard and ribbon imposed and gels have given a new look.
They now have an excellent performer in a show called Freaks Reckless as work. The boyfriend had left him because of his beard, he now gladly have embraced the look of the Little Bear. Show them several times during the performance, the audience get to hear a lot of bad comments. Yet she does not get angry. He believes that because of the beard look than normal women are most active.