25-year-old Stan Larkin lived without a heart inside his body for almost 18 months and recently received a heart transplant.

Larking was discharged from hospital in 2014 with a SynCardia – a temporary and external artificial heart which pumps blood around the body.

Surprisingly, he lived for more than 555 days with an artificial heart strapped to his back in a backpack.

Actually, Larkin and his brother were diagnosed as teenagers with familial cardiomyopathy, a type of heart failure that can strike seemingly healthy people without warning.

Everything was normal till 2014 when Larkin was admitted to hospital and doctors had to remove his heart entirely. Although doctors initially tried to hook him up in artificial heart machine but that would have left him bed ridden.
So Larkin agreed to become the first patient in Michigan to be fitted with a new, portable device known as a SynCardia Freedom Total Artificial Heart.
The device pushes compressed air through two long tubes that enter Larkin’s chest, pumping blood through his body.

Although Larkin could travel with the device but it had several limitations, including bathing.
Luckily, he found a suitable donor after 18 months and the heart was transplanted into him. Two weeks after his transplant, he said he felt “like I could take a jog”.

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