The fashion societies of Delhi University are the perfect portal for students to put their fashion acumen to productive use. These societies train its members in having a nuanced understanding of qualities such as poise, panache and vivacity, which dominate the world of fashion.

From creating the garments, to choreographing the moves of models on the ramp, to walking the ramp and owning it, the members of the society are edified to perfect all aspects of fashion modelling.

For all those who cringe at the thought of leaving their homes without putting enough effort into their outfits, the fashion societies of DU are the place to be. Exploring the vistas to the world of glamour provided by DU, HT City gives you a low down on some of the most popular fashion societies in the varsity.

 GLITZ, Kamala Nehru College

Always putting its most fashionable foot forward, GLITZ is constituted by 10 to 12 members every year. The audition process of the society is designed to scrutinize the fashion sense of the applicants through psychedelic, abstract and circus based themes.

Having bagged an impressive number of awards in the previous academic year, GLITZ prides itself in thinking out of the box. “GLITZ is put together by hard core fashion lovers, who take every aspect of fashion very seriously. We always walk for a social cause,” says Tashi Sharma, the president of the society.

Poise, Institute of Home Economics

“Fashion rules the minds and hearts of DU students, who create their own style with the tides of time,” says Jasneet Kaur, the president of the Poise. A workshop training the applicants about the society precedes the audition rounds, in order to secure a spot in Poise. The confidence and expression of the applicants is placed on a higher pedestal as opposed to their appearance. “Fashion for us is more than just walking on the ramp. We add dramatic elements such as choreography and props to improve the appeal of our performances,” adds Kaur.