1975, when it received the Royal Swedish family of the girl and a poor performer Charloti India PK was floored at his ingenuity and skill. Pradyumna Kumar PK Mahanandia the name of the portrait artist, and it basically Denknal Orissa  attended art college in Delhi came here and made a mark as a portrait artist. It was here 19 years from Charloti Pradyumna, PK Charloti this talented and ingenious artist met and fell in love with.
But it soon turned into love, marriage was not difficult. Charloti Sweden had to return back due to poverty and lack of money and could not Pradyumna with his foreign wife. PK Charloti offered the ticket to Sweden but he wanted to go on your own to meet your wife. Then the poor to fulfill commitments made by the artist wife sold all her belongings and money that bought a bicycle. In 1977, he left for Delhi to Sweden in those days, most countries would not need a visa to visit Bgarh. During this journey, he runs through Delhi and Amritsar, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Germany, Austria and Denmark, and it went through many difficulties encountered. Cycling wear and tear, with the hassle of food came his way, but he kept many difficulties.
After about 5 months after the trip he Gutenberg, Sweden has reached. Meanwhile, the Swedish Immigration Department PK was surprised and caught him looking at bicycles, PK show him evidence of what this man did not believe him then. When everything was finally revealed Charloti Immigration officials then met her own and told them everything about PK and then go somewhere they could meet. Charloti parents of what was then the Royal Tradition breaking his talented son accepted the poor. The Indian name Carulta Charloti been placed. Today, 40 years later, Dr. Charloti PK and PK 2 children are also reportedly in Sweden Oriya now work as cultural ambassadors.