A woman from North Queensland, Australia has found thousands of Instagram fans thanks to her super-long flowing locks but really, Rapunzel’s got nothing on this girl. That’s because while 31-year-old Trisha Reibelt’s hair has measured about four feet at its longest, it’s not just the impressive length that has ‘grammers going gaga. Trisha’s seemingly never-ending strands also stand out because she dyes them in stunning combinations of colors that are definitely not found in nature. Amazingly, Trisha’s hair is all-natural, with no extensions. She’s been growing it out since 2004, which was when she had her ‘last proper haircut’ to just above her shoulders.

At just over five feet tall, the Australian told Daily Mail Online that her hair was about four feet long nine inches off the ground until a month ago. That’s when she chopped off a few inches while appearing in the Melbourne Hair Expo as a model for hairstylist Rebecca Taylor. ‘I figured it was about time I had some of my hair cut and she took off a little over a foot,’ she said.While that might not seem like much after all, her hair is still over three feet long and reaches down to the middle of her thighs she admitted it’s actually made a difference when she gets ready every day: ‘It has cut down on the amount of time it takes me to do my hair in the mornings, so I get a few more minutes of sleep before work.’

Still, she’d like to continue to grow it back out again, and thinks it would be cool if she could get it to go longer than her calves though she suspects the four-foot wonder she’s reached already is as much as her hair will grow.As for the rainbow hues, Trisha said that she’s loved the idea of a colorful mane since she was a kid, when she was ‘fascinated’ by her sister’s Lanard Hair Bear toy. She went on to experiment with hints of dye as a teenager, but finally took the plunge with a full head of red-pink hair seven years ago. And she never looked back, continuing to find new ideas online that she can try out herself at home’I’m a DIY-er and get quite a bit of help from my bestie Daniel James,’ she said. Every three months, they touch up the new hair that’s grown at the top of her head. Bleaching it takes a couple of hours, followed by at least three to five hours (depending on whether she has help) to add in color.

She’ll then maintain each new color scheme for about a month before starting to let it fade.Maintenance-wise, I actually don’t do too much with my hair,’ she explained. ‘I wash it once a week with silicone-free shampoo and conditioner and normally like to finish with a vinegar rinse. ‘When I had my hair the red-pink color, I discovered a lot of little girls love the Little Mermaid and they all told me I looked just like Ariel, which was pretty adorable. I’ve also had people tell me that they don’t normally like unnaturally colored hair but I’ve changed their mind. I think that’s probably the biggest compliment of all,’ she added.

But though she’s happy to chat about her locks, some of her admirers do cross the line. Once, she said someone was filming her from a distance, following her around instead of just approaching her. Other people have been outright rude, insisting that her hair ‘can’t possibly be natural, that it “just has to be” extensions’.Interestingly, there’s been at least one unexpected upside to having hair that no one else has: when living with roommates, it’s a lot harder to be blamed for stray hairs, like the ones that women often leave behind in the shower.She did admit that there’s a downside too, though: ‘You suddenly learn how easy it is to stain pillows while you sleep! Not such a problem until you go on a holiday. When I travel, I’ll always pack a pillow case so I won’t stain any hotel pillows.’