“I don’t feel like going back home after the shoot.” This is what Punjabi actress Oshin Brar has to say, adding that the team becomes like an extended family for us.

Oshin’s journey to fame has not been that easy as she decided to make a career in the entertainment world against the wishes of her family, excluding her mother. But now, with the actress creating a niche for herself in the industry, her family has now come to terms and is even proud of her.

Oshin was recently seen in the Punjabi film Mukhtiyar Chaddha, opposite Diljit Dosanjh. Besides, she has also a number of videos to her credit.
Oshin, who belongs to a Punjabi jatt family, owes her interesting name to a Japanese show that aired in the year 1993. The Hindi version of the show had a character named ‘Oshin’ which was liked by her grandmother who gave her the same name.
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