People usually take meditation as a way of becoming calmer and more centered. Some may tend to achieve better sleep and mental functioning through meditation. However, its benefits may also include an improved sex life. Meditation can have positive effects on your sex life and attractiveness.

Our mind and body are closely connected. Meditation affects the mind which in turn has positive effects on the body. When both the mind and the body are calm and able to better focus on things, you will be able handle everything, including relationships and sex in a better way.

Studies have also shown that meditation can reduce blood pressure, prevent depression and reduce stress by decreasing cortisol and stress hormones within the body. Mediation also increases endorphins, the “feel good” hormones, within the body. The increase in endorphins boosts your mood making you to feel happier and become more positive.

How it Works

The key to have a better sex life is to be thoroughly involved in the process every time you do it. When you are with you partner only physically and you mind is still somewhere else, you cannot enjoy or make your partner enjoy the intimate moments you share together. Meditation allows you to be more physically present, which makes for a better physical connection, leading to a better sexual connection between you and your partner. It also allows you to be more emotionally present, which makes for a better emotional connection, leading to a better sexual relationship.

A happy sex life is all about staying in the moment and enjoying the journey of every encounter. While usually you may only be focused on the destination of every encounter, meditation can help you become more aware about the present moment and let you walk the journey with full involvement.

When we meditate we think and feel everything, physically or emotionally, without reaching to any judgment. It can help your sex life a lot. Meditation allows you to live in the present without judging it. Feeling and thinking without judgment can change the way we receive things. It will also help you let go off the notions and prejudice ideas and can alter our perceptions of how we feel something. People who have introduced meditation into life are experiencing undiscovered satisfaction in their sexual relationships.