There’s one solution to lessen the double whammy of a teacher and housing crisis in Auckland – put a brake on immigration, says New Zealand First.

“Skyrocketing property prices has seen teachers flee Auckland leading to shortages and one school has to buy houses to try and stem the flow,” New Zealand First Education Spokesperson Tracey Martin says.

“New Zealand First has warned the housing crisis would spill into other areas and we’re being proven right.

“Auckland hospitals are also under huge pressure and finding skilled staff in certain fields of the health sector is equally as difficult as it is finding teachers.

“In the space of a year Auckland has climbed from being the world’s ninth most expensive city for housing to the fifth, and it’s still climbing.

“With net immigration of 68,000 each year and over half settling in Auckland, we now have a complete mess in Auckland.

“The only way to start easing the housing and teacher crises, and addressing Auckland’s other problems, is to turn down the immigration tap now, and implement practical solutions,” Mrs Martin says.