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Japan’s Nakajima Senji living person’s name to find your true love has wings of silicon. He not only spend special moments with your doll, but also shopping and take care of the rest. Senji 61, says Saori My Perfect Relation of the name with the doll, the doll’s because it is not like the others and run after money. Doll is not my life …
Sex doll Saori Senji six years ago when it was bought out by a tour of Tokyo. Since then, with the wings made with them. Senji says, Saori only doll for me is not my life. It turns out I’m in a wheelchair, sit, makes her hair, I’d dress her. He is not like the others, and which emotions they are rough.
Senji says Saori like others I know if I did not cheat and will stay with me forever. For me it is more than a silicone doll. Surprisingly the Senji are already married and the father of two children. Please tell China, Japan and South Asia in the past few years, the trend has increased to keep up with Laifsaij Dolls.