Says marriage is a life long bond. The wrong choice can affect life. But there are many things that humans replace marry. Texas recently wanted to marry Chris Sevier your laptop. He also filed a petition in court. See the world’s strangest marriages …
However, the court did not allow Chris to Shaadi Saviour of the laptop. But there are many people in the world who have the same bizarre marriages. Today we are going to tell you something similar about weddings.
The first photo is a wedding in Thailand in 2012. Defy Cadil residents decided to marry his dead girlfriends. Indeed, nearly 10 years Cadil been romancing his girlfriend Srinia Kamsuk. But one day he married his girlfriend, he expressed workloads excused.
A few days later died in a car accident of Srinia. Cadil to repair his mistake had married his dead girlfriend. The funeral of the dead girlfriend and her wedding rituals were completed at the same place. However, he was also accused of doing this for publicity.