In some areas bordering Delhi home with a community in which women are forced to do sex work. According to reports, several areas including Dharmpura in community-dwelling Prna bizarre “tradition” is standing for many generation.
Prna live as nomadic communities had won before. Research Site Pacific Standard ( had once published a report on the community. Accordingly, husbands from their wives make sex work and retain the money. The report, which works against sex trafficking NGO ‘Women of the World Wide myself’ Abhilasha Kumari, director say: “If there is rape in Delhi, everyone ‘excited’ is. But these women are raped every day, and there is no dusting them. ”
Recently, a site called Scoop-hoop attached to the community published the story. Then the story was shared thousands of times on the social networking site. Even some women who are in the community and in the event of no work himself decided to become sex workers. One such woman says that it has changed their life after work and he also started to teach their children. Some entities are voice for women’s rights and help some women have been reached.
Pacific Standard report is included in the story of a girl queen. Prna community every morning at 2 am the queen of the house to the railway station and bus stand near the Prostitusn originates. Comes back home at 7 am and then do all the work it does. At the age of 17 were married. She was the second wife of her husband. After two years of marriage she had to Prostitut. Queen says: “I knew this would happen. It is normal. I am a family to run it. “