Kavita Kaushik, who shot to fame as Chandramukhi Chautala in FIR, is returning to SAB TV with new comedy show, Dr. Bhanumati on Duty. In a conversation with TimesofIndia.com, Kavita talks about her new show and her love life.

Tell us about the concept of the show Dr. Bhanumati on Duty.
Dr Bhanumati on Duty’ is a hospital comedy and there are these amazing crazy cases and patients that come in to this hospital and Dr Bhanumati cures them with alternate treatment and her own style of medical treatment which is very interesting, funny, surprising and shocking, basically it is all in one. As her name suggestsBhanumati Bhinn- Bhinn bhinn tareeko se ilaaj karti hai (She cures people in different ways).

How is Bhanumati different from Chandramukhi Chautala?
Bhanumati and Chandramukhi share a lot of strong basic qualities like courage, fighting for justice, helping other people, bravery. But there is certain amount of difference in their personalities one is their origin, Chandramukhi belonged to Haryana so she spoke Haryanvi, Bhanumati belongs to Rajasthan she is a Maharaja’s daughter and she speaks Rajasthani. Unlike Chandramukhi, Bhanumati is very feminine yet she is very intimidating and people around are usually scared of her. She has a lot of colour and flair and a lot of naaz and style in a very womanly manner, Chandramukhi was like one of the boys Bhanumati is the lady and apart from having a lot of womanly anecdotes she is extremely strong and intimidating and speaks very highly of women empowerment. Every-time I say unlike Chandramukhi I also say like Chandramukhi because somewhere you could look at them as two very strong individuals, definitely different personalities that is where the challenge lies to play them differently so that they look like two different people although played by the same person. But they share a lot of basic integral qualities but yet they are very different.