Is Marriage On The Cards For ‘FIR’ Actress Kavita Kaushik?


Kavita Kaushik 24indianews5

Kavita Kaushik 24indianews5
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Television actress Kavita Kaushik who rose to fame with the comedy show ‘FIR’, it seems that she is all set to marry her new boyfriend Ronnit Biswas. After partying her ways with actor- boyfriend Nawab Shah, she recently confirmed her new relationship. 1. kavita-kaushik-24indianews TV’s Chandramukhi Chautala is currently dating Ronnit Biswas and they keep posting photos on their Instagram accounts with lovable captions. Their pictures say that the relationship has reached a new level. 2. kavita-kaushik-24indianews2 Well! The duo is totally in love and they do not hide it in showing on the social networking site. Ronnit posted this photo and wrote, “You are sunshine of my life and I’ll miss you like a crazy baby”.The couple went to Goa recently and Kavita shared her excitement with this picture and need not to mention that she looks amazing. 3. kavita-kaushik-24indianews3 We are happy that this relationship and love have made their life “Peaceful and Pure” as Ronnit wrote it on Instagram. Read More: Vaishnavi Dhanraj Transformation Post Divorce Shall we expect marriage news soon?Let us tell you that Kavita wants Ronnit to be at home most of the time and she writes on her instagram posting this photo, “U! Get your ass back home.” Isn’t that cute? 4. kavita-kaushik-24indianews4

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