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Karachi: Photo of a girl living in Pakistan these days is viral on social networking sites, whose name is Mumtaz Begum. Indeed, this girl looks like half human and half fox. Xu, who lives in Karachi, hundreds of people come daily to see the girl. However, the truth is something else. What then is the reality …
Indeed, Mumtaz Karachi Zoo is a character who appears as half human and half fox. Murad Ali for 35 years when the character. They hid themselves inside the cage for about 12 hours, I have to stay sitting. During this time, people ask me and I will also give them an answer. They are happy to see me, take pictures. Many people think that I am doing this in real, because they want to know about me.
One camper said I came alone before, but this time I have come with my grandson. Mumtaz really see such a different experience. As a reminder, the role of Mumtaz’s father was the first tenor, whose death occurred 18 years ago. Murad then took their place. 12 hours in the day are sitting in the same pose. The fox’s body near his head, while the rest of the body is hidden under the table. Rs 10 ticket to see them.