Recently, there were reports on how Fawad Khan was so high at a party thrown by designerManish Malhotra in the Capital and created a ruckus. However, Manish claims these reports are untrue.For those who are wondering what the hullabaloo is all about, here’s a recap. Fawad had attended the fashion week in Delhi for Manish and after a few drinks, he was talking loud and behaving aggressively. Eye witnesses said the Fawad they’d seen then was completely different from the gentleman he is known to be.A source close to the designer says, “Fawad was not drunk at all. It was just a small get-together and had Manish’s family members and a few models in attendance. Fawad was amicable and mingled with guests well. He can’t be rude or snap at anyone. He’s a nice guy.”