We have posted several articles on nail art designs and tutorials, but ignored the basics. We have therefore decided to come up with an easy step-by-step on how to do manicure at home.

You’re already splurging on beauty treatments in high-end city’s salon. A DIY manicure beauty regimen, for nail care can not only save you from spending huge bucks, but make you a beauty expert as well with skills adhering to your needs. A DIY manicure is simple and wouldn’t take too much time once you have mastered it. You can do manicure at home on weekly or fortnight basis based on the time you have on hand. Manicure tutorials, like we have in this post, shows you a detailed step-by-step procedure. The end also has a DIY manicure video which will be more descriptive if you want to watch the video and learn directly from there. Never-the-less, this is a manicure at home for beginners.

No matter how expensive nail paint you have bought, until and unless you have groomed your nails, they cannot be attractive and gorgeous.

Follow these steps to try out an interesting DIY manicure at home.

Step 1: Things required

In order to have manicure session at home, you’ve to make sure you have gathered all the required equipment. You may have to run some errands to collect the supplies, but once you’re done then you’re all set for future sessions as well.

So here are the supplies –

  • Nail buffer
  • Nail trimmers
  • Cuticle trimmer
  • Cotton balls
  • Nail paint remover
  • Nail file
  • Nail paint
  • Hand cream
  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • Step 2: Set up

    Before you initiate the session, choose a place as nail paint and remove can spoil the fabric, wood finish or carpet. It can also damage your cloth, so remove your rings and wear an old T-shirt. Spread a scrap paper or old cloth to protect the surface.

    So before we get on to how to do manicure, make sure you have the set up ready.

  • manicure
  • Step 3: Remover

    Remove the existing nail paint from your nails. Swab a cotton ball in remover and gently apply on the nails. Sometimes the nail polish becomes too rigid to be removed, so you can place cotton ball on the nails for a while to remove the paint completely.

    Do not use a remover having acetone, as it damages the nails.

  • tep 4: Filing nails

    After removing the old nail paint, it’s time for filing the nails. Use nail clipper to trim the nails. Make sure you do not file the nails too short. Give your desired shape either straight or cone-shaped as per your choice. For better understanding I have added a video tutorial. Do not put much pressure and check-out how the expert uses her hand to save the nails from breaking. Try creating smooth curves through each stroke instead of angles. Do not file the corners too short or else you’ll get uneven growth.

    The shapes of nails for manicure will be determined in this step. So it is not just enough to know what is a manicure and different manicure types, but you should also know how to file your nails correctly.


  • Step 5: Nail buffering

    Now use nail buffer to buff the surface gently to give a smooth finish. However, do not buff too much it will weaken the nails.

    Nail buffering is an important step in DIY manicure, so make sure you invest in a good nail buffer.


  • Step 6: Soaking of nails

    Take a bowl filled with warm water and few drops of soap and soak your hands in it for a few minutes. The soap solution helps remove the dead skin and dirt from the nail surface and soften the cuticles simultaneously.

    Use a nail brush gently to clean the nails and skin around them. However, be warned if your nails are fragile then instead of soaking them rinse them off.

  • manicured-hands-1
  • Step 7: Shaping the cuticles

    Apply cuticle cream and use a cuticle pusher to gently push back the cuticle. Never cut your cuticles, always be careful while preparing the cuticles. Because of the removal of cuticles, the skin around the nails can be infected and vulnerable.

    You can also use a small binder clip to push back the cuticles. Hold the clip between the forefinger and thumb, allowing the grips to pass between these two fingers and now prepare the cuticles.

    Follow these manicure tips to ensure that you have a safe cuticle removal process.

  • shaping-the-cuticles
  • Step 8: Apply cream

    Now use your body lotion and massage it on both of your hands. If your skin is dry then go for a moisturizer. Before coming in contact with water or detergent make sure your nails are soaked with lotion for at least half an hour.

    Moisturizing your nails will ensure that you have a healthy nails manicure.

Hope this article on how to do manicure at home is helpful to all you girls. Now no more spending money on saloons. You can rather get a saloon like manicure done at home.

Now that you know how to give yourself a manicure, do not miss out on our post on mani – pedi combinations. Do it on a girls night out, for added fun.

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