Tonight’s Bigg Boss 10 Weekend Ka Vaar is going to be quite sizzling as the Ex Bigg Boss hotties Mandana Karimi and Gautam Gulati will be a part of Salman Ki Sabha. They will give their views about the Bigg Boss housemates.
Mandana and Gautam tell Salman that there is still a wall between the commoners and the celebrities. Making everybody roll of the floor including Salman Khan is when Mandana lands up calling Om Swami babuji. They start their grilling session with Lopa and Manu being their first target as they question them about the secret task. Both, Gautam and Mandana tell them that they need to take the tasks quite seriously and be more alert and active.
Gautam tells Manu that you are playing the game quite well, but you shouldn’t be so overconfident that you take things for granted like you did in the secret task by not reading the letter properly.
Later, Mandana and Gautam target Guarav saying that he is so image conscious and why does he keep telling Bani that she should watch what she speaks. Mandana also tell him that he looks quite boring in the show. She further says that Bani is playing the game really well with her straight forward attitude and she reminds her of herself.
Both these Ex- Bigg Boss contestants will also be seen throwing a bomb on the other contestants as well.