Three children and an adult have been taken to hospital with ‘serious injuries’ after being savaged by an American Bulldog in Manchester.

Officers were called to a house in Moston, north Manchester, following reports of an ‘out of control’ dog.

There they found four people – including three children aged 12, 14 and 17 – who had been attacked after the animal went on the rampage. The dog has since been seized by pet medics, police said.

The American Bulldog is not a banned breed under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Pauline Newton, 68, who has lived on the road for 50 years, said: ‘It’s terrible that that’s happened and very worrying that four people have ended up in hospital.

‘The last time I know of a dog attack round here was 15 years ago when my son’s dog was attacked by a bull mastiff.

‘His dog was in a terrible state.’

Warehouse distributor Paul Parkinson, 52, said: ‘Most of the dogs round here are on leads.

‘It’s very unusual to see them roaming free.’

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: ‘Police were called shortly after 12.50pm today to a home on Bluestone Road, Moston, to a report of a dog out of control.

‘Officers attended and discovered an American Bulldog-type dog had attacked four people.

‘They have all attended hospital and it is not yet clear what injuries have been sustained.

‘The dog has since been seized by pet medics.’

A spokesman for North West Ambulance Service said they had no record of being called out to the property.