This man went up building without clothes

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Building on New York’s Times Square and climbing naked on a person in public places, police have registered a case of obscenity. 21-year-old accused Maclean Crete building went up at 8 am and started screaming. According to people, she said Donald Trump, where are you? Donald Trump, he also abused. To overcome that police had to work an hour. I have spoke to the Virgin …
Tall building suddenly heard a scream from the Naked man Onlookers were shocked. The man is accused by police of causing chaos. Fashion model by profession, and he is also a student of Columbia University.
Broken hand, had to be admitted to hospital …
To overcome that for a while, the police stopped the movement of people. He also said the accused man screaming Virgin. Sadhakiske attack on police building after he jumped from the roof of a second platform. The broken his arm and had to be hospitalized. Prove the case when it is 3 months in jail and be fined up to 33 thousand rupees.

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