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Man stabbed his adult stepson to death in a family dispute at their Simi Valley home Thursday night, authorities said.

Simi Valley police received a call from inside the house in the 2200 block of Hietter Avenue at 11:25 p.m. Paramedics and fire department officials were sent to the home, where a male in his 20s was pronounced dead. The man’s stepfather, who is in his 60s, did not resist arrest and was taken in for questioning.

Cmdr. Joseph May reported that there had been no prior calls for service from that house.

Neither man was identified.

Neighbors reportedly said that the older man has been a volunteer for the Los Angeles Police Department.

“They were saying he used to be a civilian volunteer, so he wasn’t under” as a sworn officer], said May.

Simi Valley police and the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office are conducting the investigation.

“Part of the investigation is to canvas the neighborhood, and talk to neighbors to find out more information,” May said.

Officials believe that the suspect, his wife and stepson lived in the house together.

May described the crime scene.

“Outside it looks like a normal neighborhood with the exception of a bunch of police cars, a police mobile command center and a bunch of news trucks,” May said. “The street is closed off so you can’t get through.”