While internet is abundant with videos of popping blackheads, a new nauseating video that shows a man squeezing out a bullet from his thigh has emerged.

The video shows a black man with an American accent, tattooed all over his body, attempting to remove a bullet form his thigh, all the while talking to his two friends.

“Listen. Doctors don’t do shit. I take all my real bullets out myself, you feel me? I took a big ass .45 bullet out of my shoulder right here about two years ago. And now I’m about to take this one out of my leg,” he is heard saying.

Proudly displaying the bullet injury in his leg, he starts off by gently prodding and squeezing the wound, which appears nothing more than an oversized blackhead.

The bullet seems to have been pushed towards the surface of his skin as the wound healed, but the man for some reason never consulted the doctor.

As the bullet begins to give way slowly, the fascinated man is seen exclaiming heavily, and finally pulls out the bullet with his bare hands and holds it up for his friends to see.

“You see that shit? What is that, like a .45? Maybe a 380 bullet. Look at that hole though, give me something to put on that shit,” he says.