Seeing someone charged with the second-degree murder of his son is a start, Dave Sanderson says, but he believes there’s still someone involved out there. Tyler Sanderson, 24, was found seriously injured at his mother’s home in the 5500 block of Maddock Dr. N.E. the evening of May 15 and was rushed to hospital, where he later died.

Arrested in connection with the slaying is Lori Ann Heavenfire — police confirmed the charge laid against her Monday morning.

Police said prior to being found collapsed in the yard by family members, they believe Sanderson had a drug-related meeting with Heavenfire in the area of Memorial Dr. and 52 St. N.E., which resulted in an altercation and the ultimately fatal injuries.

Police made no mention of anyone else involved, but Sanderson’s dad said there was another person.

“It’s a first step,” Sanderson’s dad said.

“There is some relief (someone’s charged), but there’s still other parties that are involved in his murder that still haven’t been brought to justice yet.

“She’s the only one who knows who was with her.”

The elder Sanderson said his hope is Heavenfire will do the right thing and give up an accomplice.

His family is “ripped right apart” by the loss.

“We’re all still pretty well in shock and having a hard time dealing with this,” he said.

“We just want closure.

“We just want all the parties involved to stand and be judged.”

Police have said Sanderson and Heavenfire were criminal associates, but the victim’s dad doesn’t believe they were — he said as far as he knows, “They partied together a few times (and) they have some mutual friends.”

Heavenfire is next set to appear in court Wednesday to face the second-degree murder, but that’s not the only criminal matter coming up in the system for her.

She has a trial set for January 2017 in Calgary for drug and stolen property-related charges, a trial set for August of this year Tsuut’ina for an assault with a weapon charge and is set to appear in September of this year in Tsuut’ina for an assault charge.

Sanderson served time in 2012 and 2013 for a pair of assaults.

Previous charges of impersonating a police officer, robbery and extortion using a firearm stemming from an October 2015 incident were stayed.