A Melbourne man has pleaded guilty to murdering his former girlfriend who he bashed and stabbed before laying her in her bed and placing a rose next to her body.

Makeny Banek, 24, of Melton South, killed 20-year-old Abuk Akek at her home in Melton, in Melbourne’s outer west, on March 13.

The pair, refugees from South Sudan and Sudan, had separated a month earlier but remained in contact to allow Banek to visit their three-year-old son.

According to the prosecution summary of evidence tendered to Melbourne Magistrates Court, Ms Akek had taken three separate intervention orders out against Banek during their relationship due to a series of assaults.

In September 2014, Ms Akek was hospitalised after Banek bit her on the face and back, punched and choked her.

Prosecutors allege Banek also threatened to kill Ms Akek in front of one of her friends, just three weeks before the murder.

“I could kill her right now, bash her to death, but you are here,” he was alleged to have told her.

On the day of the murder, prosecutors said Banek arrived at Ms Akek’s unit unannounced and the pair began arguing.

He later told police he had gone to Ms Akek’s home to fix things between them but he believed she wanted to leave him and he snapped.

“I snapped, I used a knife and my fists,” he told detectives. “I love her very much but she did not love me.”

Banek placed rose next to victim’s body

Banek is accused of punching and kicking Ms Akek before choking her.

He then hit her with a stereo speaker but told police he ended up using a knife to stab her as nothing else had worked.

After stabbing her to death, Banek carried Ms Akek to her bedroom, laid her on the bed and covered her body with a blanket.

He later returned and placed a rose next to her body.

Ms Akek was found dead by her mother-in-law and brother-in-law later that evening after they became worried she was not answering her phone.

Police were called and later arrested Banek at a friend’s house where he was sleeping on a couch. Banek will now face the Supreme Court for a directions hearing.