Kim Kardashian’s fans are all over the world. Their popularity can be gauged from the fact that they look like a man so far spent Rs 1 crore in surgery. Jordan, who lives in Birmingham Parkke 6 years has had 50 cosmetic surgery. Recently, he has revealed his new look. Lips surgery is not happy …
Jordan nose surgery twice so far, once the chin implant, Aibro Tattoos, lip filler, filler jaw line, non-surgical face lift, laser hair removal, has made a full-face treatments Boteks and Vampire. Jordan says that the pen full of 25-year experience, but I will say, “Pain Is Beauty”. I am not happy with Lips surgery, so now I want to look natural pout will hold back surgery. Also in October, also will hold another nose job.
Kim said the people on the streets would shout
Jordan explains that Kim took my madness had begun at the age of 19. People used to call me saying Kim Kardashian. So I decided to look completely like Kim underwent surgery and plastic.