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The challenge is nothing short of a place to be alone, but in China, a man living in a village in the last 10 years alone. Sometimes there is no passes, he is amazed to see there. It is not a single person in the village empty, which could talk to him. Know Who is this man and why remains alone …

China’s Gansu Province name of the man who lives alone in the village of Liu Shuanshanse Sengajia, which is the same hobby herding sheep. About a decade ago, Liu’s mother and brother were sent to this world, yet Liu left the village. Many people come and go from Liu has said that he must leave the village, but it does not matter. He says that his family lived in the village 20 years ago, but over time has eroded their income and the village was empty. People left the village in search of work. States that a person living alone may lose their mental balance, but is not the case with Liu. They have learned to live life alone. Provision of food and water for them often have to walk several kilometers.
They are the beginning of loneliness at night accompanied by the sound of wild animals ever, so was sleep. Then I started herding sheep and, as I found his company. I’d even consider me to look after them. Liu admitted that sometimes scared, but they can not leave the village. They want to spend their lives here.