A woman was allegedly murdered by her husband in Chuhng on Wednesday. Police said Noreen, 25, a resident of Shahdara, was married to Abid, a resident of Dena Nath village. It was Abid’s second marriage. On Wednesday, the suspect informed police that his wife has been bitten by a snake and had died.

Police took the body to hospital for postmortem examination. Police said that Abid had told them that Noreen was asleep when the snake had bitten her.

Man kills wife, another man in Kalat

“He told us that he had killed the snake with a stick. His statement appeared to be contradictory so we took him into custody. We
questioned him further and he confessed to the murder,” a police official said.

“He said that he had first drugged his wife and then strangled her with a rope. He also told us that he had purchased a snake three days ago and left it on Noreen’s bed. It had bitten her on the arm.”

Police said the autopsy report had confirmed that the victim had died from suffocation.