Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in Karachi has registered the first case on Monday under the Cyber Crime Law. FIA arrested the resident of Shah Faisal Colony accused of uploading objectionable photos of a girl and blackmailing her family. The suspect was arrested under section (1) 219 of Prevention of Electronic Crime Act 2016.

According to details, FIA received a complaint from the girl’s father Abdul Zahoor who stated that the man named Asim befriended his daughter on Facebook.

The complainant wrote that Asim tried to stay in contact with her daughter but she did not agreed to it.

Reacting to the situation, Asim uploaded some of the pictures of her daughter after she did not fulfilled his demand of providing Rs10,000.

FIA with the aid of Abdul Zahoor called Asim in a shopping mall and then arrested him.

During investigation, the suspect has revealed that the girl herself gave him her Facebook profile rights.

The suspect can be sentenced to five years in jail or fined Rs50 lac. He can also get both the punishments.