Beijing: It is said that with the increasing age of the person does not have his body. But Jiang Liang, 61, a resident of Chengdu in China do not seem to see. Internet sensation because of their 6 packs abs remain. A few years ago, he joined a gym and took the body. They are popular among social networking sites. Jim began to have trouble driving in
Liang Xiang, who ran his own small business at a young age. It was 50 years later when he bought the car and driving to the hobbies of the country took part in several races. But at that time he felt that health due to falling, they can not properly driving the gym.
I liked them so much that working out then they began to spend hours in the gym. Liang says that even late but I came to realize that bodybuilding is the only thing that I would like to whole life. I am surprised to see that many people in this age that I did the body. According to Liang, now, of a gym because I completed my driving I do. I’ve taken part in many car races. But my dream is to join the world’s toughest race Decker.