The man began to eat the flesh of the other passengers on the plane crash

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What no ordinary man could eat the flesh of another human being? When you’re very hungry and have nothing to eat. Pedro Algorto who survive a plane crash say you have nothing left to eat, so the main thing is to stay alive. That may have something to eat. They had eaten human flesh. The day after the crash 71 people were …
Pedro Algorto Stella Maris College, was a member of the rugby team. October 13, 1972 aboard the flight were the team to play the match. Flight Montevideo (Uruguay), Santiago (Chile) was going. Due to bad weather and technical problems ship has crashed on the border of Chile and Argentina. Then 3 countries aboard Flight by search teams found 45 people for 11 days, but could not find anything. After approximately 71 days after the flight carrying 16 people seek to be alive. They then said that they used to eat meat to survive other dead passengers. Pedro was later featured in several international media interviews.


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