In a shocking incident, a man was beaten for about 20 minutes and later stabbed by a group of youth in a broad daylight. What more shocking is that hundreds shot the video of the gruesome act, but nobody came forward to help the victim. The incident took place on a crowded street on June 21 in Hassan, 185 kms from Bengaluru in Karnataka. The video of the horrific incident is going viral on social media with people raising question over the silence of onlookrs and law and order situation in the state.

According to reports, a man identified as Dhanush was staring at a young woman at a bus stop. Two men took offense of Dhanush’s activity and got into a verbal quarrel with him. Meanwhile Dhanush called his brother Sudeep and two friends for help. The war of words turned violent between the two groups. During the fire, Sudeep was beaten and stabbed by the youth.

In the video, the boys are seen thrashing Sudeep mercilessly. One of the boys later stabbed him. He can be seen bleeding profusely. While several bystanders filmed the entire attack on their cellphones, but nobody came to rescue. ”A case was registered yesterday and five of them have been booked and arrested,” Senior police officer Rahul Kumar was quoted as saying. Watch the video below.