Over the past few months, Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni, has been in the news due to her alleged involvement in the Thane drug case along with Vicky Goswami. However, the actress kept mum during it all and refrained from interviews. But now, in an interview, the actress has made quite a few admissions. The actress, who had become an overnight sensation in Bollywood post her nude cover photo shoot, confessed that she became an actress because her mother wanted her to and also said that she was a victim of her mother’s desires. She further added that she thought Bollywood was a huge mistake and that she has been seeking redemption for the same since the past 12 years. In another shocking revelation, the actress said that she still hadn’t married Vicky Goswami, who was identified as her husband in the media. She further clarified that she and Vicky have no physical relationship. When asked about her involvement in the drug case, Mamta was quoted as saying that she hates drugs and that if she could curb her basic most animalistic desire – sex, then there was no manner in which drugs would tantalise her.