With her support intact on GST, Mamata Banerjee yet again raised her pitch against the BJP. Launching a scathing attack against the party on the Dalit issue in Gujarat, she wondered why cow vigilante groups were torturing Dalits when the Dalits have long been using cow hides for their business. Adding that some groups backed by a political party were indulging in a ‘cow-census’ in rural Bengal, she said these groups in the name of “Goraksha committee and Jagaran Mancha” were trying to incite communal violence in the state. She was addressing a rally in central Kolkata on Thursday. July 21 is observed as Martyr’s Day by the party. “It is an unprecedented incident in Gujarat. Why should somebody decide on people’s food habits? We eat goat meat, somebody eats beef. What is wrong in it? They are trying to spread communal fire, but we will resist this conspiracy,” Mamata said. Speaking on the communal issue, she said the party in power at the Centre was trying to induce ‘saffron polarisation” in every field, including education. “I want to tell them that they cannot take people for granted. Today you are in power, tomorrow you can be thrown out of power.” Taking on the Centre’s ‘financial policies’, she said, “When the Centre cannot fight us politically, they use agencies like ED and CBI. I would request the Centre to take some data from the embassies to see how people are moving out of the country. In the ir effort to get the black money back, they are pushing the white money out of the country. Thousands of businesses have pulled out.” “Due to the faulty financial policies of the Centre, some of the states have fallen into a death trap. I have told them this time that if the states do not survive, the Centre would not be able to survive too. They are destroy ing the federal structure and intervening in all state matters,” she added. Reiterating her stand on the proposed Federal Front, Mamata said: “I want the regional parties to be strong. They are my friends. I will help them in every possible way. I want the federal structure to be stronger.”